Our vision, mission and values direct everything we do here at HK Dilan, from how we treat clients to how we go about doing our work.


HK Dilan is known for being an expert in Business and Forensic Accounting and for achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

The clients we attract include:

  • Business owners who require a complete accounting service
  • Businesses who have experienced fraud or a commercial dispute
  • Businesses who require an expert valuation
  • Individuals experiencing family law matters
  • Individuals who have sustained a personal injury

We celebrate the successful outcome of all our clients, and the positive impact we are having on their business, finance and family life. Additionally we give back to our community in various ways by contributing our time and finances.


By providing expert business and forensic accounting, HK Dilan gives peace of mind ensuring our clients' achieve the best outcomes, all the while developing strong long-lasting professional relationships


HK Dilan is built on the following core values:

Trust. Develop strong relationships based on trust.

Achievement. Focus on achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

Competence. Up to date and expert services.

Integrity. Ethical behaviour towards our clients and our work.

Communication. Openness in communication which promotes clear mutual understanding.